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Campus Resources

Thanks to the Americans with Disabilities Act, students at UNC with documented mental illnesses are entitled to services that will help them reach their maximum potential. Reasonable accommodations are modifications to a university’s rules, policies, or practices that are designed to provide a student with a disability with an equal opportunity to meet academic and technical standards. Accommodations do not make it “easier” only equal. Students are encouraged to visit UNC Accesibility Resources and Service (See below). 


In addition, Counseling and Psychological Services is available to all students, with or without mental illnesses. If you or a friend needs help, call 919-966-3658 (919-966-2281 after hours). Professionals are available even to offer advice on how to help a friend.

Stigma Free Carolina

Established by the Royster Society of Fellows


A UNC Community Campaign that aims to reduce stigma surrounding mental health concerns and treatment by educating the community through accurate definitions of mental health and dispelling negative or false beliefs.

UNC Counseling and Psychological Services

Located at the James A. Taylor Building


• Urgent Counseling During Office Hours

  - Monday – Friday from 8am to 5pm

• Crisis Intervention

  - Call 966-3658

  - After Hours or Weekends @ HealthLink at 966-2281

• If you have a question on how to help a friend, call the number above

• Brief Individual Therapy

• Group Therapy

• Couples Therapy

• Academic Intervention

• Medication Management

• All services are Confidential

UNC Accesibility Resources and Service

Located at SASB Suite 2126


• Tutors

• Library Assistants

• Modified Course Schedules

• Adapted Physical Education

• Flexible Attendance

• Testing conditions

• Note-takers 

UNC Academic Advising

Located at Steele Building


• Course Underload

• Course Drop

• Semester withdrawal

• Retroactive withdrawal

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