Mental Health Awareness Week

In October and February every year we put on a variety of advocacy and member events. We focus on a special theme each year and work to spread awareness and start the conversation amongst people on campus and in the community about the importance of recognizing the role of mental health.

2019 Mental Health Awareness Week

Monday October 7th

We posted flyers with facts about national suicide and mental health statistics to increase awareness to the prevalence of suicide.

Thursday October 10th

To help start the conversation about mental health and promote self-care, we set up a table in the quad to pass out mental health first aid kits! These kits were equipped with candy, resource cards, hotline number, and positivity stickers.

Thursday October 10th

Spoken word poet Patrick Roche shared a series of poems about his experience with mental health and coming out as gay. His poems were incredibly impactful, empowering, and insightful. Loved bringing a group from Rethink over and getting to talk more personally with Patrick after his performance

National Eating Disorders Awareness Week:
Intersectionality Day


On February 26 2014, Rethink hosted "Intersectionality Day" as part of National Eating Disorders Awareness Week. We partnered with Active Minds, who spent the week at the Pit to share why all voices matter when talking about this issue.


"Intersectionality is the reality that identities cross and overlap, and that these points of intersection represent unique and individual experiences" 


When little research has been conducted on the prevalence of eating disorders among minority groups, and the media portrays eating disorders as a "disease of straight white cis women" who are we leaving out of the conversation?


In the posters our members prepared, we shared statistics about eating disorders and their prevalence in marginalized groups.


Our NEDAW theme was inspired by a blog post written by Janani Balasubraminian:


"I still have an internalized sense that [eating disorders] are a disease of straight white cis women and there is no reason to bring this 'white girl disease' with my friends or queer of color communities"

2013 Mental Health Awareness Week


Monday Oct. 7, Candlelight Vigil 

A candlelight vigil was held in remembrance and to show our support to those who have known or lost someone with a mental illness. Student Body President Christy Lambden and representatives from UNC Counseling and Psychological Services presented on services and policies on campus. A conversation among students who shared personal experiences followed. 

Tuesday Oct.8, Wednesday Oct. 9, Friday Oct. 11, Expression Board  
Students were given the chance to write, paint, or decorate a positive message about mental illness and recovery on our large wooden expression board. 


Wednesday Oct. 9, Mental Health in the Arts Performances

The Carolina Ukulele Ensemble, Madeline Edwards, the Tarpeggios, Cadence and the UNC Wordsmiths performed songs and poems about mental health and recovery.

Thursday Oct. 10, Neurocare's National Depression Screening Day 

October 10th was National Depression Screening Day! Students will have the chance to come by NeuroCare's table in the pit to take a short screening survey for depression. They will also be handing out information about where to get help on campus along with fun brain-shaped stress balls!


Thursday Oct. 10, Mental Health and the LGBTQ Community
UNC's Sexuality and Gender Alliance hosted a conversation about mental illnesses in the LGBTQ community,


Saturday Oct. 12, UNC Wordsmiths Open Mic and Slam

An open mic and poetry slam where poems about mental health and other issues were shared.

For MHAW, Rethink partnered with UNC Student Organizations: Active Minds, Sexuality and Gender Alliance, UNC Wordsmiths, and Neurocare.

2012 Mental Health Awareness Week


​​Sunday Oct. 7, Candlelight Vigil 

A candlelight vigil was held in remembrance and to show our support to those who have known or lost someone with a mental illness. Student Body President Will Leimenstoll was present, along with other student performers.  

Monday Oct.8, Send Silence Packing 
An Active Minds’ suicide awareness program where 1,100 backpacks representing the 1,100 college students who die by suicide each year were displayed on campus.


Tuesday Oct. 9 and Wednesday Oct. 10, Expression Board
Rethinkers spent the day at the Pitt giving out information and encouraging students to contribute to our free expression board. We thank all students who shared their thoughts, feelings, positive messages and stories.

Thursday Oct. 11, Speak Up
An intimate small group discussion event where students were empowered to speak up about their own stories in order to break down the silence and raising awareness about mental health.

For MHAW, Rethink partnered with UNC Student Organizations, Active Minds and the National Alliance on Mental Illness on Campus.