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Rethink Constitution

Rethink's Constitution was drafted and ratified via consensus at a Rethink general body meeting at the UNC Campus Y on April 22, 2014. 

I. Vision


A University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill that fosters mental health awareness, empowers students with mental illnesses and their loved ones, and connects them to support systems


II. Mission


To make UNC a welcoming space for all students with mental illnesses and their loved ones by challenging mental health stigma, fostering conversations about mental health, and connecting students to campus resources through awareness events and student-led skills trainings.


III. Values


Rethink shall be a space where members feel safe and welcome.


Thus, Rethink is committed to:

  • The use of inclusive language

    • All the materials shall use inclusive language

    • All emails and communications shall use inclusive language

    • All campaigns and events shall use inclusive language

  • Ensuring intersectionality and diversity in all our endeavours

    • We shall critically evaluate all materials, events, and activities to make sure that they are inclusive, respectful, and welcoming of people of all identities including but not limited to: ability, health, gender identity/expression, religion

    • Making sure that all members feel that all of their identities are welcome

    • Our membership is open to all people regardless of their personal identity (See Section IV. Non-discrimination Clause)

  • Celebrating the successes and contributions of all members

  • Fostering thought and discussion around issues relating to mental health

  • The idea that people with mental illnesses are fully autonomous persons entitled to their full human rights and worthy of respect and empowerment


IV. Non-discrimination Clause


Membership and participation is open to all persons regardless of their ability, age, class, color, creed, ethnicity, gender expression, gender identity, national origin, political affiliation, race, religion, sexuality, or veteran’s status.


V. Affiliation Statement


Rethink does not have an affiliation with any particular political, religious, medical, or institutional group other than the UNC Campus Y. Furthermore, Rethink reserves right to hold its own opinion on all matters, even if this opinion is in dissent with any official stance of the UNC Campus Y.


VI. Membership Roles:



A member is defined as any person committed to our cause who has been involved in Rethink through events, trainings, or meetings and who choses to identify as such.


Rethink Ambassadors:

Rethink Ambassadors are all those who have attended a Rethink training. They are committed to ending mental health stigma on our campus and in our community by using inclusive language, speaking up when misconceptions are voiced, and being a supportive friend and peer for all members of our UNC community.



Facilitators are those who have been selected and trained to guide participants through Rethink’s 4-hour training. The training consists of several interactive, educational, and interpersonal activities aimed at making them more aware and understanding of mental illness.


Upon selection, Facilitators accept the following responsibilities:

  • Working at least 2 trainings each semester for at least 3 semesters

  • Attending a facilitator orientation

  • Attending any ongoing workshops that may be scheduled throughout the semester aimed at continuous improvement


Executive Board Member:

Executive members are individuals who have applied to and been selected to be a part of the leadership team.



  • Co-Directors of Trainings

  • Co-Directors of Facilitation

  • Co-Directors of Finance

  • Co-Directors of Membership

  • Co-Directors of Service

  • Co-Directors of Publicity



In addition to the duties specific to their position, each executive board member is expected to:

  • Attend Weekly Leadership Team Meetings

  • Attend Weekly General Body Meetings

  • Keep Co-Chairs updated on all projects

  • Carry out the responsibilities of your position

  • Attend at least one Cabinet meeting per semester

  • Actively participate in all Rethink events and initiatives

  • Become Rethink trained

  • Be SAFO trained

  • Be Union trained

  • Head a committee of members who help them carry out their projects


VII. Decision Making Mechanism:


Rethink is committed to being an inclusive and safe space where decisions are made based on consensus.


  • Rethink values all of its members, regardless of their role, equally.

  • If decisions require a vote, the process should be by consensus with all members who are present at the meeting

  • Before an important vote, all members on the listserv will be notified

  • If a member is unable to attend and a vote is of extreme importance accommodations will be made to have them vote via email

  • The results of all votes shall be emailed out to the listserv

  • Instances that require voting are, but not limited to

    • UNC Campus Y Executive Board Campaigns

      • Members will be emailed beforehand and shall notify the Co-Chairs of their vote before Cabinet meetings

      • All members are welcome at Rethink Executive Board Meetings or UNC Campus Y Cabinet Meetings

    • Changes to the constitution

    • Large expenditures → More than 30% of our full budget

    • Any member can call to a vote an issue of importance to them


The Constitution shall be assessed every year.


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