Scroll through to see some of our previous campaigns to reduce mental health stigma around UNC! This gives a good glimpse of the types of advocacy and campus involvement that we strive for.

Stigma-Free Pit Zone

On April 21, 2014, members of the UNC community were invited to write stigmatizing words and phrases they had encountered, place them on the floor underneath bubble wrap, and stomp the word out. Some of our members also enjoyed salsa'ing out stigma. It was a day filled with catharsis and great conversations on language. 

2014 Valentine's Day Letters to a Stranger
Be Brave Flashmob

Standing up to mental health stigma requires us to be brave. To show everyone that being brave together makes ending stigma a little easier, Rethink performed a flashmob dance of Sara Bareilles' "Brave" at the Pit on November 20, 2013.

2013 Valentine's Day Letters to a Stranger

Valentines Day can be hard for those of us who have experienced pain and loss. UNC Students wrote letters to a stranger sharing a personal story or simple words of encouragement. On Feb. 14, 2013, Rethink members handed out the letters to students at the Pit.

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2013 Human Rights Week

For the 2013 Human Rights Week, Rethink co-hosted a screening of "The New Asylums" with the Campus Y's very own Advocates for Human Rights on Feb. 12.

"The New Asylums" is a special report by FRONTLINE that looks into one of the greatest failures of our mental health system. Americans with severe mental illnesses, who once would have been in state psychiatric hospitals, are now in state prisons. Why is this happening? FRONTLINE goes deep inside America's prison system to examine a troubling and growing issue.

After the movie, we had a group discussion about the criminal justice system.

Visit to "Brushes With Life" Exhibit

On October 15, 2011, Rethink visited the "Brushes with Life" exhibit at UNC Hosptials. We enjoyed looking at the art created by mental health consumers from UNC Hosptials and other local organizations.

2012 Diversity Awards

Rethink was honored at the Office of Diversity and Multicultural Affairs' 2012 Diversity Awards, where we received the 2012 Diversity Award for Student Organization. We had a great time meeting the other honorees and learning about all the great work students and faculty are doing to make our campus and community a place where everyone feels welcome.

Mental Health Week Chalk-Out

​October 2, 2011, Rethink took to the campus to chalk out positive messages to celebrate Mental Health Week and promote mental health awareness.